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About us


Power House is known as the “Benefit selling” dealer of Siemens Induction motors. Associated with Siemens, since April 2002, Power House has been successfully carrying out Audit-based-selling in Tamilnadu.

Siemens Ltd., has been a technology leader in the field of Electrical controls and drives for many years. The induction motors manufactured by Siemens have many engineered features that offer excellent benefits to the clients both in terms of efficient and reliable operations.

Why pay a premium for induction motors

The initial investment made on induction motors is only the tip of ice berg. The operating cost would be nearly 100 times the investment cost, during a life cycle of a motor. Therefore, it is prudent to buy induction motors at a premium for the premium features built-in.

Energy Efficient Motors

Power House has been promoting Eff1 and Eff2 motors for new project requirements as well as retrofit requirements. Interpreting the standards and the resultant benefits has been one of the key features of Power House’s selling skills.


Dimensioning the motors

Power House can also support OEMs, Contracting and Engineering projects with motor selection and sizing based on
(1) consultants specifications,
(2) site/supply conditions,
(3) starting methods,
(4) inertia and torque characteristics,
(5) methods of coupling and
(6) protective accessories.
These Engineered Motors will meet the expectations of efficiency, reliability and performance objectives.