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New standard for LT induction motor IS: 12615/2011

4. Towards a One Worldwide Efficiency Standard
As a step towards eliminating these differences in various standards for energy efficient motors across the world and enabling the user to compare motors with a common reference, the IEC came out with a new standard in 2008.

Ncma Premium Plus
NEMA Premium (IE3) EISA 2007 from 12/2010
NEMA Energy Efficient EPAct (IE2) up to 12/2010

IEC World
IEC 60034-30
NEMA World

In line with IEC: 60034-30, the Indian standard for LT motors has been revised and updated as IS: 12615/2011. As per this standard and under the effort to meet the "Minimum efficiency performance standard" (MEPS) implemented in many countries, the new standard proposes to adopt IE2 as MEPS in India and also bring in higher efficiency standard as per IE3 in the future.

Siemens Ltd., have announced availability of new "Champion" IE2 motors with immediate effect as per the new standard IS: 12615/2011. They have also announced IE3 motors, Presently, up to 225M frame (45 KW in 2 & 4 pole and 30 kw in 6 pole).

POWER HOUSE as authorised channel partner of Siemens Ltd., has been offering audit based selling of Siemens motors to industries for the past 10 years for promoting Eff1 motors. With the advent of IE2 & IE3 motors, we are geared up to interact with the clients and support them to adopt the new standard IS: 12615/2011 and implement energy saving retrofit solutions in their industry.

Please download the e-copy of the IS: 12615/2011 since only electronic version is available in the website by registering your name/ firm's name, downloading the plugins and purchasing the e-copy at a cost of RS.200/- including VAT. It must be noted that IS: 12615/2011 replaces all preceding standards for motors such as IS: 8789/96, IS: 12615/2004 & tolerances as per IS: 325.

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The IS:12615 (Energy Efficient Induction Motors - Three Phase Squirrel Cage) has undergone a revision to be in line with the global efficiency norms. This revised IS:12615-2011 is based on the International Standard IEC 60034-30 (2008) which defines New Efficiency Classification for single speed, three phase, induction motors.
The new IS:12615 covers single speed, three-phase, 50Hz, cage induction motors that:
have rated voltage 1000V
have a rated output 0.75kW P 375kW N
have either 2, 4 or 6 poles
meet frame size to output relation as stipulated in
IS:1231 (for outputs covered by IS:1231) are rated on the basis of either duty type S1 (continuous duty) or S3 (intermittent periodic duty) with rated cyclic duration factor of 80% or higher
are capable of operating direct on-line
are designed for operation on virtually sinusoidal and balance voltage conditions as defined in 7.2.1 of IS/IEC 60034-1
are designed for an ambient temperature not exceeding 40C and altitude not exceeding 1000m
have degree of protection IP44 or superior
have method of cooling IC411 in accordance with IS 6362 / IEC 60034-6
have service factor not exceeding 1.0
The Efficiency classes defined are:
IE1 - Standard Efficiency
IE2 - High Efficiency
IE3 - Premium Efficiency
The New IS:12615 also stipulates that for motors to be classified as "Energy Efficient", these must meet at least IE2 efficiency values.

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