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Siemens LT Induction Motors

  • Induction motors are the work horses of the industries.
  • They are generally robust, easy to maintain and dependable.
  • They account for, nearly, 75% of the industrial electrical energy.
  • Squirrel cage, TEFC versions are, nearly, 98% of all the motors used.
  • Siemens motors are manufactured with world class technology, superior input materials and advanced precision to offer high efficiency and long service life.
  • It is highly recommended that the motor selection is done with thorough understanding of the application, site condition and service life.

Standard Specifications for induction motors and differentiation in the features of Siemens

Specifications Standards Market Motors Siemens Engineered motors Benefits
Ambient Temperature °C 45 45 50 No derating required
Ratio of Starting current/Rated current 650% to 700% 650% to 700% ≤ 600% Lower impact on KVA
Rotor construction As per manufacturers’ standard Single cage gravity die cast aluminium rotors Double cage high pressure aluminium die cast rotors Suitable for heavy starting and highly reliable
Rotor skewing As per manufacturers’ standard Standard cross skewing Siemens technology Staggered skew rotors Lower axial thrust and less vibration
Rotor Class As per manufacturers’ standard No rotor class Unique Rotor class KL10, KL13 & KL16 Suitable for start against higher torque & Inertia
Stator winding As per manufacturers’ standard Single coat enamelled wires of 140 class Dual coat enamelled wires of 200 class Superior insulation system